Thursday, July 29, 2004

Crunch Time

As of today, July 29, there are 96 days left until the Presidential election. That's 2,304 hours. How many of those hours are you going to spend making sure that Bush isn't re-elected? Are you going to spend just one hour en route and at the polls? How many additional hours are you going to spend bitching about Bush? What if you spent one of those hours on the phone calling people you know in swing states making sure they're registered to vote? And what if you spent another hour November 1st, calling those people again, making sure they are actually going to get out and vote? What if you took 48 of those 2,304 hours and went to a swing state to register voters? What if you took two of those hours a week, that's 26 of those 2,304 hours, and called people to set up THEIR trips to go to swing states.

How many of us wish we would have given those 26 hours or 48 hours in the 96 days leading up to the 2000 election making sure that people vote?

Want to get involved? Want to help? Want to go to a swing state? Can't go to a swing state but can make calls from your house? Live in a swing sate and can offer up your couch to a volunteer? Visit

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Anonymous said...

I don't care what eefers says, the bottom line is that politics is for ugly people. John Kerry is ugly. His wife is rich, but he's still ugly. His kids - ugly. At least Bush's daughters are cute.

And another thing - 10% of the voting population is like five people. Whoopeee - let's throw a convention for five people. That's dumb. The poeple who watch survivor, which are millions of people, are too busy debating who should win survivor - and voting for that - to bother with ugly poeple running for president.

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