Monday, February 28, 2005

Jen Schefft is a Dumb Bitch

I finally let myself get caught up in a reality series (because, remember, I DESPISE reality TV) and now I really feel justified in my hate. I wasted my time. Jen Schefft, if you're not ready for a relationship and not ready to get married DON'T GO ON A TV SHOW TO FIND A MAN AND GET MARRIED. Jen Schefft, you are a joke.

Jen Schefft didn't want to get married. Maybe she thought she wanted love. I think she just wanted to be on TV....and make some money. I wonder how much she made for that...

Maybe TV isn't the place to find love. I used to think that these crazy things happen for a reason, that two people who feel they have to go on TV to find love deserve each other. But Jen Schefft, you do not deserve Jerry. I think maybe you deserve that horrible host from the Fear Factor.

NOTE: This was originally posted with Schefft spelled Scheft. Title was "Jen Scheft is a Dumb Bitch." Edits were made, Tuesday, March 8. Thanks, Dan!

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  • Thursday, February 17, 2005

    Promoting Democracy one Article at a Time

    Check out Drinking Liberally, including a mention of the launch of the Park Slope branch with the State of the Union Watch Party... and a lil' quote by Yours Truly at Mother Click the link below to see the article.

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  • Sunday, February 13, 2005

    Just What We Need...

    ...A new magazine devoted to promoting plastic surgery. I thought that breeding generations of girls with anorexia and nose envy was passé, but I guess we're just not that civilized yet.

    I wonder which plastic surgeons are invested in this one...

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