Monday, February 28, 2005

Jen Schefft is a Dumb Bitch

I finally let myself get caught up in a reality series (because, remember, I DESPISE reality TV) and now I really feel justified in my hate. I wasted my time. Jen Schefft, if you're not ready for a relationship and not ready to get married DON'T GO ON A TV SHOW TO FIND A MAN AND GET MARRIED. Jen Schefft, you are a joke.

Jen Schefft didn't want to get married. Maybe she thought she wanted love. I think she just wanted to be on TV....and make some money. I wonder how much she made for that...

Maybe TV isn't the place to find love. I used to think that these crazy things happen for a reason, that two people who feel they have to go on TV to find love deserve each other. But Jen Schefft, you do not deserve Jerry. I think maybe you deserve that horrible host from the Fear Factor.

NOTE: This was originally posted with Schefft spelled Scheft. Title was "Jen Scheft is a Dumb Bitch." Edits were made, Tuesday, March 8. Thanks, Dan!

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    Anonymous said...

    I, too, am angry at Jen! I've never watched a reality TV show before, but for some reason I was bored the night Jen's show 1st came on, and I got hooked. I couldn't believe her response to Jerry -- AFTER ALL SHE PUT MILLIONS OF PEOPLE THROUGH, let alone the bucks that ABC had to have spent on this show to find her a man!!!!!!!!!!! After her response to Jerry, I decided that there is something emotionally wrong with Jen -- and I pray she does not get a chance to do this again!!!! Gad -- what a waste of time!!!!!!

    Anonymous said...

    But we only saw a couple of hours, total, of their 'relationship.' Is it _impossible_ that a supercute guy could also be boring, or sometimes mean, or cold, or too glaringly fame-hungry, or disengenous, etc.? And if so, and she really didn't like him, what were her options? Suck and up and get engaged because she owed it to us?


    eefers said...

    Oh Ruthie,

    You are the true Devil's Advocate! And I agree. She shouldn't have to choose a man she doesn't love just to please America. Based on my posting, one might even think that Feminism is dead.

    My frustration comes more from my hatred of reality TV than of Jen Scheft. We are becoming a reality TV society. We are content to be obessed with other people's live while that time could be spent truly enjoying our own.

    Look how easily I got caught up in it? And I despise it. I am outspoken about my disgust with it.

    I wish I was OK with people exploiting themselves for a lot of money. And had my roommmate never turned on the "Bachelorette" while I was sitting at my computer, I might still be. But what a huge waste of my time. In fact, look how much time I've spent bitching about it, when you and I both know that there are more important things to bitch about.

    I'm not here to offer a solution. Just to vent some frustration.

    sunshine girl said...

    let's just be realistic about Jen. When she went on the show,she knew what she was getting into. To think she made all that money, made all those appearances, pretending to be this wonderful girl. SHE SUCKS. Look at what she put Jerry through, to reject his proposal on live TV! He looked crushed! There are no excuses! She is not worthy of any of those men! She wasted the networks time, the viewers time, and all who were part of it. The network should make her pay all the money back!!!

    Anonymous said...

    I think she's a HO! All the men seen her body, felt her up, tongued her mouth and who knows what else. Her emotional break down is what was disturbing; she's nuts! If she was really that torn the show wouldn't have ended the way it did. She would of denied them both "up front" at the proposal.