Sunday, March 06, 2005

I Heart Google

Is there anything that Google can't do for me? I think not.

A self-proclaimed compulsive googler, I use Google on a daily basis, mostly to look up people. If I've met you, chances are, I've googled you. It's a great place to look up a guy I've just met... great as long as he doesn't turn out to be a Trekie or president of the Young Republicans.

There's also self googling, commonly referred to as googling one's self. And I do this often. Partially to satisfy my sometimes rather large ego and other times to see what comes up if people are googling me. Because, let's admit it, I hope the guy I met at the bar and went home and googled also went home and googled me. Unfortunately, the first Emily Farris (that is me and not some OTHER Emily Farris) to come up currently (and this changes weekly, sometimes daily) is an article I wrote on colonic irrigation. Not that I'm ashamed of this, but I don't want someone I haven't even gone out on a date with to read all the juicy details that resulted from my "investigative report." Or maybe I do. If he's cool with it, chances are better it will work out in the long run.. I digress.

Back to the practical stuff. I use the Google dictionary function often. It's much easier than opening the huge book on the shelf, when you consider that when I'm writing, I'm usually at my computer and my fingers are already on the keyboard. Did you know that if you type in "define:" and then the word you want to look up, you get (usually) multiple definitions of the word? And I just learned tonight that Google now offers a four-day weather forecast. Simply type "weather" and the city and state.

And according to my friends at Google (yes, I have friends at Google, are you impressed?) they now offer quite the calculator. Apparently it can even tell you how many shots are in a keg. To test this theory, I put "shots in a keg" in the Google search bar. "I keg = 1,280 shots." Whooda thunk it?

What's next? Google personals? A profile plus any Google links to that person? I better work on getting my activist stuff to the top and the colonics article to the bottom if that's happening any time soon.

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