Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Not a Good Morning

It's the price I pay for being the face of gentrification. Yes, I'm a white, middle-class 20-something. I moved into the outskirts of a Brooklyn neighborhood that is still mostly inhabited by minorities. Now condos are going up across the street.

They start their construction at 7 every morning. Now, being a person who does not work 9-5, I don't get up at 7. The only time I ever see 7 a.m. is if I'm still up from the night before.

So, I called 311, filed a noise complaint and the second woman I spoke to at 311 was very helpful and told me to call my community board with any other concerns. I told the community board I'd like to petition to get "Park Slope Views" to start their construction later (9 is a little early for me, but a reasonable request, I believe). The community board representative said they're happy for me to petition. I have to make it (and collect the signatures, as I expected). However, it's up to the "goodwill of the property owner" to start later.

In my limited experience with developers, any with goodwill are few and far between. Any ideas?

Oh, look, they're all done by noon because they started at freaking 7 a.m.!

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Daniel said...

Stick it to the man! I hate being woken up early as well and I don't blame you for being pissed. That is just obscene.