Saturday, May 28, 2005

Oh Friendster, How I Love Thee

So I've had minimal luck meeting people on Friendster. I've had some good experiences and some bad ones, as I'm sure anyone who meets people off of the Internet does. But this week I think I received the two worst Friendster messages ever, and I just wanted to share them all with you so you can laugh as hard as I have. Does this make me evil? Probably. But enjoy anyway.

#1: Received Saturday, May 28

Message: Hi Pretty lady,
how are u doing,it my pleasure to write u this
msg and to know ur mind.
i go through ur profile when i was search for
relationship (woman) for marriage,i go through ur
profile and i see that u are single and lovely....this
make me to realized that ur lovely mind and mine
we be together as soon as will plan for our future....
Really i mean what am saying am not a joker,i
dont want u to be hot just let me know if u are
interested to be mine...
hope to hear from u soonest.

NOTE: I'll give this guy a little credit in the grammar department as he lives in Nigeria.

#2: Received Friday, May 27

Message: You look like this lady I work with,
[name removed]. You both have the same hair. She is
pretty awesome, used to be in mortages and real
estate and now is a top director in an anti-aging
company led by my mentors.

You go to New School? I remember seeing the
segment called "The Nuclear Iceberg" on LinkTV
with a professor from there. It was about the Nunn-
Lugar Disarmament Act. I used to be politically
active, but I saw it being pointless since I as an
individual really cannot affect policy. People are
also close minded...wanting to hear what they
want to hear instead of all sides to formulate a
logical conclusion.

It also is such a negative atmosphere. Being in a
positive atmosphere is so much more uplifting and
good for your soul. It also helps us focus on goals
better. Heck, I figure seeing how I am learning to
become wealthy, I can then fund whatever cause I
want later on. Will have more influence that way.

How long have you been in NYC?


NOTE: I'm not giving this guy any credit for anything.

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