Sunday, May 29, 2005


Last night I went to a mandatory spandex party hosted by the Black Leather Bike Club. I only wish my camera batteries wouldn't have run out before some of the best outfits of the night came in. Before we left for the party, my friend Craig thought it was soooo crazy that I was wearing black spandex pants, a blue blouse and white high heels--so very Peggy Bundy. Craig was worried, but I figured if no one else was in spandex (I'd have that Bridget Jones moment where she shows up to the party in a bunny costume because no one told her the costume party was canceled) I'd look like one of those hipster girls who would wear spandex pants on a Saturday night, anyway. But almost everyone was in spandex and the party was a blast. Being around so many people dancing in spandex and sequins reminded me of my high school dance team days. And there was tire swing jousting!

Matt Levy and Kyle

Quite possibly the bravest man in the room.

Watching this girl dance was pretty amazing. Damn camera batteries!

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Third Street said...

Is Black Leater Bikers a Brooklyn event? Thanks for linking Hugh's pix.
PS I made the schedule change you requested to Drinking Liberally.