Sunday, June 26, 2005

And Then There Were Two...And Then There Was Paradise

So I bought the yellow Schwinn today. Turns out the guy downstairs has the same bike (though he's put different wheels, seat, etc. on it). This is going to be my commuter bike, while my other bike will be my Brooklyn bike (or my when-I'm-wearing-a-skirt bike, the crossbar is pretty high on the Schwinn).

The front brake on the new bike is squeaky. I squirted some water on it and it was fine until it dried. I think I'm going to put a tiny bit of WD40 on it. Any other ideas?

Re: Paradise...On the way back from picking up the Schwinn, I decided to do a loop through Prospect Park--something I've never done at night. It was pure heaven. I was the only one on the road, it was dark and it was quiet. And on my new bike I was going pretty fast. AND, on a bike without a basket, I can ride with no hands, which is a really nice--though somewhat scary--feeling.


LauraRebeccaCass said...

you could use "tri-flow lubricant" on the brakes and the other joints of the bike. It lubes it up and lasts!
Congrats on the bike! I like the idea of having a commuter bike and a brooklyn bike.

Anonymous said...

Don't use WD40, it collects a lot of road grim and makes things worse over the long run. What part of the brake is squeaking? If it's the brake caliper it self, by all means lubricate it. But if it's wheel noise when you apply the break (do you feel vibration as well?), you may need to 'toe' the breaks, which basically means to to take a wrench and twist the pads at an angle so that the front tip of the brake pad makes contact with the wheel rim first.

Also, a word of warning (I too ride an old schwinn road bike), steel rims and rain don't mix. Nothing more exciting than that first ride in the rain, you need to stop and you discover that your brakes don't work. You have to pump the brakes to get the water off of the rim first.

Great bike, have fun.

antlered girl said...

i really recommend cleaning the chain with a degreaser (go to the hardware store and ask for one) and using white lightning wax lubricant. i collects grime and flakes off naturally so it doesn't wear down your parts. wd40 does collect grime and grit and will totally fuck your shit up.

antlered girl said...

oh, and never ever use water. ever. ever ever ever. and try not to ride in the rain. and wear your helmet and use a flasher at night. ok be careful.

eefers said...

Thanks guys for all your help. I'll check out some alternative lubricants to WD40. (Being from Missouri, you know that's a fix-all for me).

The front brake just squeals when I brake. But no vibrations. It rides really well, just a little squeak.

antlered girl said...

post post post. you're leaving the blogosphere barren.