Saturday, June 11, 2005

Attack of the Friendster Messages

Question: If someone is truly witty, does he really have to tell me he's witty? If he were truly witty, wouldn't I derive that from the other things he wrote? Why am I so horribly critical of people's messages? It must be the writer in me. One would think if you were going to approach a writer for the first time via email you'd make it look good. But I guess the fact that my profile says my occupation is "lead tambourinist in a traveling jamboree" doesn't really let anyone know I'm a writer...but still.


Roonie said...

You would, but he just wants to make sure you KNOW he's witty. SEE, I'm WITTY! I am, I promise, I'm wit-ty!

Daniel said...

I actually wrote a girl once and said, "If you have a minute check out my profile, and if you have two write back." and then I commented that I should remember that line because it was a good one. But yes if someone is witty it should be blatently obvious. Did I spell blatently right? Nope just spell checked it. BLATANTLY. Damn my fastly fading scrabble skills. Oh, and yes she did write back. Told me to kill that line cause it sucked..and then said, "This message only took 22 seconds to write." no I'm kidding she wrote back and we are currently chatting....SWEET!