Monday, June 06, 2005

Curious Georgous: Internet Dating Messages Redux

So the Friendster messages were bad. And there will be more, I promise. But this Nerve message I received tonight, this just might take the cake. Pay special attention to the subject line. I won't even go into the TWO smiley faces.

hi georgous

Hi there,

you have a great smile - has any one every told you are a doll:-)

I find that I am on this service because I do not like dating in clubs or bars - and a friend suggested this to me. Listen, you have the coolest blue eyes that I have ever seen. So here hopes we can get out for a drink (a guy can be lucky??)and look into them further:-)

Write back soon, and sorry about the pic I do not a have may to pick from that are on my own.

Hope we can talk,


Does this make me a horrible person, posting these on my blog? Maybe. But why is it so hard for people to use spell check? It's ok if a guy isn't the best speller, but he should have the sense to use spell check.

Even worse, however, are the guys who are too lazy to spell out words like "you" and you're"; it takes about three more keystrokes. If someone can't make even that effort, I have absolutely no desire to go out with him. What else is he too lazy to do? Maybe it's the editor/writer in me, but we all have to have our "things," right? That is my thing...well, one of them, anyway.

I always send my friend Sharif links to the Friendster profiles of guys who have asked me out so he can "judge them harshly." One guy, who seemed pretty cool, unfortunately used "ur" in his initial e-mail. But Sharif talked me into going out with him, anyway. My theory proved true: there were many other things he didn't make the effort to do, including but not limited to: cleaning the dog hair off of his shirt and wearing clean socks. But believe me, that wasn't the worst of it.

Lesson of the day: a first impression is a first impression, whether it's over the Internet or in person. So tuck in your spell check and comb your contraction. Or maybe not, at least this way I know what I'm getting into--or not getting into.

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