Thursday, June 02, 2005

My First Gawker Stalker

No, I haven't been stalked. (But wouldn't that be funny? Someone send in a Gawker stalker for me! They'll have no idea what to do with it. I wonder how many names make it into their inbox that they've never heard). My first Gawker Stalker tip made it onto Gawker Stalker. See it here. You'll have to scroll down. I Gawker Stalked Scarlett Johansson and Joshua Jackson, though they only bolded Miss Johansson's name.


Anonymous said...

Could you give more info on the sighting? More details on the girl and what Josh was wearing? Lots of people at would like to know more. Thank you very much.

eefers said...

I'm sorry. My head is too clouded with the details of Jack White's wedding to remember.

Anonymous said...

Ok, then thank you anyways for the sighting.