Tuesday, June 28, 2005

My Only Subway Joy is Gone

Well, one of two subway joys, anyway. One is listening to my iPod. It's stupid of me to do that while riding my bike. The other is drinking coffee. Now--as part of the new rules set forth by the MTA, like no walking between cars--sipping from an open container is prohibited on New York City subways.

This really annoys me. On the mornings when I know I'm going to ride my bike (most mornings), I'll go to the deli right after I crawl out of bed and get my iced coffee. I drink it while getting ready, but it's not quite the pleasurable experience it should be. Coffee should be enjoyed, not chugged to fulfill some addiction. If I know I'm taking the subway, I'll get ready and get my coffee on the way to the station. It's rare I take the subway (if it's really rainy or cold or I have to not look like a sweaty beast when I arrive somewhere), but when I do, it brings me joy and saves me time to leisurely drink my coffee on the subway. (I'll admit, there was one time when I had a hot coffee in my hand on a crowded train, the train jerked and my coffee splashed all over the back of some guys jacket. But I cleaned it off without him even noticing.) New Yorkers drink coffee on the subways in the morning. It's like eating street meat or jaywalking.

I understand that these rules are put into place to keep the trains clean for everyone (and the Path train is so nice because of the NJT's rules, blah, blah). Banning food would be one thing--and I don't even see anything about food--but banning coffee from a New York City subway? Fuggedaboutit!

Check out the New York Times article that lays out the new rules. Hmm...it doesn't say anything about sipping from a straw. I assume that counts as an open container, but I might get away with my iced coffee after all. I'm going to investigate. The rule aren't posted on the MTA's website yet (at least not that I can find).

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