Saturday, June 25, 2005

Trading Up?

I realized when trying to escape the cops at Critical Mass last night that my bike, though I love it, can't quite keep up with everyone else's. I gave this bike a road test today. It's old, yellow, in great shape and a Schwinn. I'll have to get used to leaning forward but for longer rides (and remember, I want to do the Transportation Alternatives Century Ride in September) it will be great.

This bike was nice, because unlike newer bikes, the gears don't click and get stuck; they're very smooth. I thought I hated gears, but I really enjoyed riding this bike. I need someone to convince me that it's worth $150, though.


PiggyReese said...

it is totally worth trading up. I suggest that getting a schwinn with a lot of gears that is in good condition, will out last all your other choices. Do it!
Unless you want to buy my bike that I want to sell for a track bike!

eefers said...

Girls on track bikes are hot. Someday I'll get one. But first I'll get used to riding hunched over on something like this. I'll still keep my BSA, though. It's good for riding around the neighborhood, especially if I'm shopping; it has a basket. Plus, it will be good to have an extra bike around in case I have a friend in town or someone who wants to go for a ride. Plus, I just love my bike, and kind-of feel like I'm cheating on it. Is that weird?

eefers said...

I'm having a stoop sale to justify the purchase. Plus I talked him down to $100.

antlered girl said...

sure doesn't lookm like it's worth $100. you could def find something like this on craigslist or ebay for less.

eefers said...

Well, I bought it for $100 today (of course, A'yen, saw your comment right when I got back from picking it up). But I really like the look of it and I love how it rides. Love, love, love the yellow. I don't feel jipped.