Friday, July 15, 2005

And They Were All Yellow...

Yesterday I couldn't quite figure out why I was so tired. I'm talking really tired. I thought it might be that I'd only had one cup of coffee, but then I remembered I took my Vitamin-B (I've been taking that for energy and trying not to have the second cup of coffee every day) and that's been working pretty well as a substitute. This morning I figured it out. Let's see what eefers had to eat yesterday:

For Breakfast
A bagel with egg, cheese and (gasp!) bacon (the gasp is because I'm a "vegetarian"). I was going to eat something healthy, but when I went into the deli for my coffee, all that fat and grease smelled so damn good!

For Lunch
Mac and Cheese. But it was healthy-ish. I used Annie's Mac & Cheese with a can of cream corn (which by the way is creamED corn, it doesn't actually contain cream). No butter. No milk. All good.

For Dinner
Oh look! More mac and cheese. And this time it was the gooey stuff from Jack's. Basically noodles floating in cheese and butter.

Oh, and there was that hot dog at Rudy's. But that was more of a beer sponge than actual food.

I really think I have a serious addiction to macaroni and cheese. Well, cheese in general. It's good on just about anything. It's a shame the place with the good bagels and the place with the amazing mac are both within three blocks of my apartment while the place that has the amazing salads (that I love almost as much as the mac) is a much longer walk. But after yesterday, I have a lot of walking to do.

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