Friday, July 15, 2005

The Brooklyn Blog-o-Sphere Unites at Park Slope Drinking Liberally

From Left to Right: Laura, eefers, Miss Kris and Mr. Random

Quick Breakdown: I met Laura through her boyfriend Frank. Frank marshaled my Bike to Beat Bush last summer. I met Miss Kris through Laura (they used to work together) but only because I had a link to Mr. Random's blog on my blog. Miss Kris had met Mr. Random through a blogging site and saw a link for Mr. Random's blog on my blog (she found my blog through Laura's blog). Miss Kris wondered how I knew Mr. Random and she contacted me. I told her I met him through Friendster (which I did). Does any of that make sense?

This picture was taken by Brian, who I met (believe it or not) through his blog via Gawker and the New York Post. Read that story.

More about Drinking Liberally.

Kris and The Onion on what dorks we all are.

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Roonie said...

Yay for dorks! They're my favorite people!