Sunday, July 31, 2005

Drinking Liberally Gets a Shout Out in the Observer (The One Across the Atlantic)

Last Thursday, at Rudy's, we had a visitor from the UK. Today, the story of his visit made it into The Observer:
The motto of Justin Krebs and his friends pulls no punches: promoting democracy one pint at a time. It is a fine sentiment and, judging by the amount of beer put away in Rudy's Bar, democracy is in good shape.

Welcome to Drinking Liberally, a social club for Democrats which Krebs began in New York's Hell's Kitchen and has spread across the US. Faced with a George W Bush second term, a Republican-run Senate and Congress and a shift rightward in the balance of the Supreme Court, Democrats are reacting in the only way possible: pouring a very stiff drink. Full Story...
Find a Drinking Liberally club near you.

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Tree Trunk Ho Slappa said...

I loved this part:

Its hard to think of a Republican equivalent. Praying Righteously as opposed to Drinking Liberally? An unattractive idea. Between handing around beer, Krebs spoke in awed terms about the power of the packed churches, of the tightly controlled Republican machine.