Monday, July 25, 2005

eefers on Farting

Why is it acceptable for men to fart and not for women? Of course, in most social settings, it's unacceptable for anyone to fart, but when two, three, four people are hanging out and a guy farts, people laugh then it's over. In the same situation, if a girl farts, it's a whole different story: people are uncomfortable, maybe even disgusted. Moreover, why is it more socially acceptable to burp than to fart? Both can smell hideous and honestly, more people come in contact with my mouth than with my ass, so wouldn't one want non-pleasing smells and sounds to come out of an orifice that he/she doesn't have to deal with?

For your reading enjoyment (or not) A Trip to the Gym for Your Colon: Emily Farris Investigates.

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Daniel said...

I'm not really a huge fan of women farting. It's one of those things that I have accepted as an unfair societal normal for women... My sister told me she never farted and I believed her for like 20 years.. maybe that's what did it. sorry