Tuesday, July 26, 2005


We all know I'm broke as a joke and I've been wanting to do this for a long time: I'm going to be a freelance political public relations consultant. But I need a good name. I want to buy a domain name soon but I'm stuck on a name here. EmilyFarris.com is taken, as is EFPR.com (Emily Farris Public Relations). Voting "no" on eefers, that's my blog. It could also have nothing to do with my name, like 12StarPR (Not that I'd really call it that--that just popped into my head because I have 12 star tattoos. Plus, what happens when I get more tattoos?). So, I'm reaching out to you, my huge eefers audience (I think there are about 5 regulars?) for help.


PiggyReese said...

Just a thought,
EFPR.com (emily Farris Public Relations)

ESPR.com (emily Star Public Relations)



DietSpice said...

Save Farris PR....Im kidding ...i think Emily Farris PR is great. It sounds right.