Sunday, July 31, 2005

Home Run

Yesterday, some friends and I gathered in Prospect Park for a hardcore game of whiffle ball, organized by Brooks:
After a really confusing count off to figure out who was playing on what team, we divided into The Sharks and The Piranhas. I, of course, was a Piranha. But The Piranhas:
The Piranhas
quickly changed our name to The Umbros after realizing that Ruth:
covering first
of The Sharks,was wearing Umbro shorts and we felt they made her game better (The Sharks were kicking our asses at this point). Once we realized she was actually wearing Adidas shorts, we changed our name to The Sanitizers--our new secret weapon being Purell hand sanitizer. And what a good choice we made. A few squirts of sanitizer and two 40's later, I scored two runs and apparently had an RBI (though I don't quite know what that is).

The Sanitizers ended up sanitizing the Sharks, 24 to 22. But not before I helped this little guy, Ryan:
coach eefers
score a run for the other team. But anyone who knows how obsessed I am with having Black babies knows how exciting this moment was for me.

Next weekend, if we can get our asses in gear: KICKBALL!

Photos courtesy Mr. Random.


Tree Trunk Ho Slappa said...

Me, Me! I want to play kickball!!! However I want to play for the team that takes it far too seriously and then when I crack under the pressure I can blame my bad coach.

Saucy Lil' Tart said...

Yay! Rock out!