Tuesday, July 12, 2005

I've Been Blogged

Thanks to my friend Ruth for alerting me to this blog she found via Gawker. Apparently, someone is way more obsessed with the Post dating section than I am:
Emily's profile is a little more troubling. The good parts: she's cute, likes ambitious guys, and is outgoing. The bad news: she's likely staunchly liberal and seems to be well-immersed in that scene. It comes up in three answers to various questions. So, she's poltically [sic] obsessed, and that could be divisive. A more pertinent concern: she seems to rule out guys who are super trendy, muscular, gadget-obsessed (or hyper-communicative), skinny, Republican, or slick-haired. Not that I defend any of those attributes, but she takes more time excluding people than describing what she really wants. I'm wary about her. Except for the knitting part. Link
I've said it before and I'll say it again: I answered that questionnaire thinking it was something they'd use to match me up, not to quote me. We all know I'm a little more clever (and self-involved) than that. And I've been on one too many Internet dates to know that if you're not incredibly specific about what you want, you're probably not going to click. It's different when you meet people organically--then, there's at least chemistry (and I won't lie, I've even had chemistry with a few Republicans...well, ONE Republican).


Anonymous said...

wow! It kinda makes ya weary of the post!


eefers said...
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Daniel said...

Yeah well the Post sucks I think we all should know that. And I don't think the words "chemistry" and "republican" should ever be used in a sentence. Unless that sentence is, "I'm going to do a dangerous chemistry experiment, can I please have a volunteer, preferably a republican."

eefers said...

Hahahahaha..haha.ha...ha...haha...ha. That's really funny, Daniel. Hahahaha...ha...ha...snort..ha...haha..ha. OK, I'm done now.

eefers said...

I should clear up that that ONE Republican was a re-kindled high school crush. I (hearted) him before I ever (hearted) politics.

Brian Van said...

Spelling mistake? It is "politically". Arrgh. I'm lazy with the spellcheck, as I never imagined getting 2,000 hits in a day.

And the entire raison d'etre of my blog is that I'm weary of the Post. heh heh!