Thursday, July 28, 2005


Seems like I've pissed off some of the Politicker's readers. Apparently my post about having a crush on City Council Speaker Gifford Miller has rubbed a few New Yorkers the wrong way. However, when the Politicker cited me, he left out the real meat of my post. Here's what he had to say:
The Politicker tries, as a matter of policy, to ignore the subject of blogging, on the theory that our readers are interested politics, not blogs. The other night, though, New Yorkers for Parks invited a bunch of bloggers to "live-blog" their Mayoral candidates' forum, held in a big, reasonably crowded, and well-airconditioned space at NYU that gave the sense of a real event on a real campaign. Anyway, I'm not sure who spent that evening hitting "refresh" on the live blogs, and The Politicker's notebook doesn't get wireless. But at least one blogger, Emily Farris, got something out of the evening: "I have a huge crush on City Council Speaker Gifford Miller and will probably vote for him in the Democratic Mayoral Primary because of it. But the reasons I have a crush on him are the same reasons I think he'd make a decent mayor (except for the cute way he talks like he has a piece of hard candy in his mouth and that he's just really attractive)...God, he's so hot when he gets snarky with the other candidates!"
He left this out:
Giff was also well informed on the park issue (specifically park maintenance, which everyone else seems to forget about while they're busy allocating capital funds). Though he's a politician and shied a way from a few issues, I felt he was generally honest (which is really the best you can get from a politician these days) and not afraid to be the first one to stand up and answer any question.
But I ain't mad at him--just annoyed with the people who were too lazy to click through and read my entire post.

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