Tuesday, August 09, 2005

No One Ever Has to Smell My Armpit Again

Just a few short days ago, I was sitting on the E train, unsure of where to get off; I'm not too familiar with the Blue line north of 42nd Street. I thought, "Wouldn't it be great if I could put a subway map on my iPod?" Too proud to get up and look at the map--and honestly, not wanting to give up my seat--I guessed and luckily got off at the right stop. Now, I don't have to guess anymore. Today, Little Bill (Nerve's design director) instant messaged me with a link to a site he created yesterday: iPodSubwayMaps.com. Great minds do think alike.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, people must continue to smell my armpit (though I don't think it smells that bad). Silly me, I don't have an iPod Photo. But for those of you who do, enjoy!


Brian Van said...

Nice. You've been Gawked. Congrats.

Wrong time to admit smelly armpits, though.

Susie said...

I have to say, I was pulled in by the subway maps on photo ipod business (I do, stupidly, have a photo ipod) oon Gawker and was quite surprised to see your face!

Congrats on being Gawked and here we stand...a real life introduction brought to the internet.

See you at Drinking Liberally soon-maybe even in Park Slope!

PiggyReese said...

dude you are a gawked queen!

Anonymous said...

back to iowa please.

eefers said...

Um, Missouri, but thanks.

antlered girl said...

i can't believe you got your blog gawked! gasp! lucky girl.