Thursday, September 15, 2005

George Bush Don't Like Black People

Or so goes the hook to the new single from Houston rap group KO, inspired by Kanye West's much-publicized heartfelt remarks at a recent Hurricane Katrina benefit and cleverly set to the track of Kanye's own "Gold Digger." Here's a little sample:
Five days in this motherfucking attic
I can’t use the cellphone I keep getting static
Dying ’cause they lying instead of telling us the truth (…)
Screwed ’cause they say they’re coming back for us, too
but that was three days ago and I don’t see no rescue(…)

Swam to the store, tryin’ to look for food
Corner store’s kinda flooded so I broke my way through
Got what I could but before I got through
News say the police shot a black man trying to loot
In addition to the powerful lyrics, it's a pretty hot song. Hear the whole thing here.


Anonymous said...

George Bush, you are truly the biggest gold digger. Bravo, KO!

Anonymous said...

dude. Great song


Susie said...

AMAZING refrain.

Could this really be the end of an era? How happy that would make me!, and the rest of the world.

Great link, chica!