Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Mugs Up!

I admit it's not my best writing. Or even my best reporting (but what do you expect from a drunk reporter?). However, this little piece I wrote for 11211 Magazine is fun. Here's a little sample:
And so I surrendered to the beer gods. It was like Willy Wonka for the over 21 crowd.

I started with the pilsners. I had a Radaberger Royal Pilsner, a Spaten, a Stella. Then the darker lagers: a Blue Point Toasted Lager from Long Island, an Anchorsteam from San Francisco. Then came the white beers: the Weihenstephaner hefeweizen, Mugs’ best selling brew (from the 1,000-year-old brewery, remember?), then a Franzisakner. At this point my handwriting became a bit sloppy...
Read the whole thing here.

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sarah said...

How fun! Mike and I signed up for a tour of the Harpoon Brewery during our last Boston visit. When we arrived it soon became apparent the "tour" was pretty much a free-for-all tasting including a session of Beer 101. It was much like your experience! We were so drunk when we left and a month later we got these membership cards for "Friends of Harpoon". I guess we signed up for a free membership during the tasting. Good times, Good times!