Friday, October 21, 2005

Bomb Scare

I was just about to take my lunch break when we were told there's a bomb scare out on the street (I work near Grand Central) and we're not allowed to leave the building. The one day I skipped breakfast... So, now I'm living on peanuts and mini Snickers.


PiggyReese said...

could you order food? Or is that wrong to do in that situation?

Also, thanks for comming last night!

James said...

Yeah, I'm sure the delivery guy would appreciate pedaling through the explosion radius to deliver that order of General Tso's Chicken.

sarah said...

To make you feel better or maybe it is just one of those FYI things...big cities are not the only places cool or uncool enough to have bomb scares. A town outside of Raleigh had one at a pumkin patch. They found a bomb in a carved pumpkin. True Story! But it turned out to be a false alarm. It was just a decoration. That would have been pretty messy if that pumpkin bomb would've gone off. FEE-EEEW, That was a close one!