Sunday, October 02, 2005

I Just Killed a Bear

My roommate started to sing "Bohemian Rhapsody" after she got off of the phone with her

I chimed in, "I just killed a bear/put a gun against his head/pulled my trigger now he's--"

"You just killed a what?"

"A bear...right?"

"Uh. I think it's a man."
So, I googled the lyrics, and yes, Freddy Mercury killed a man, not a bear. Why did I think it was a bear? And how, in my 23 years, did I not come to the conclusion on my own that he probably killed a man?

What song lyrics have you butchered?


Anonymous said...

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mfs said...

And how would a bear exactly let you put a gun against his head long enough to pull the trigger?

Tree Trunk Ho Slappa said...


nicholasjcoleman said...

I thought it was "She had fun, fun, fun till her daddy took her keyboard away..." Indeed, that would end the fun. Moreso that if her daddy took her T-Bird away.

Anonymous said...

it's man

sarah said...
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sarah said...

I learned recently Weiland of STP got a rose on his "birthday deathbed". I always thought he got that rose because he was a "first day dead man". Made sense to me...ya know 1-800-flowers can deliver same day if you call by a certain time. :)

utenzi said...

Ummm. Generally speaking they don't put you in jail, awaiting execution, for killing a bear. Just a thought.