Monday, October 24, 2005

It Was Only a Matter of Time

...before I'd get a FEMA scan spam:
Dear Applicant,

My name is Paul W Cameron. I am a Contract Inspector for FEMA. If this is the first time I’ve contacted you please call me immediately at 507-269-7142 to set up your homes FEMA inspection.

Attached to this email you’ll find a "Declaration and Release" form (#90-69B). Please review and add the required information to the following areas:

* Check the appropriate box regarding citizen ship
* Print your name (Last name first, must be applicant)
* Sign
* Add Date of Birth
* Add Date Signed

You may leave the FEMA application number blank and I will add it specific to your documentation.

* Add the address of damaged home
* Add the city
* Add the state
* Add the Zip Code

The signed document can be faxed to my attention (attn: PWC) to 413-235-9987.

On an additional piece of paper (or by responding to this email) please also list:

* Home Owners/Flood Ins. Company
* Home Owners/Flood Ins. Policy Number
* Insurance Agent
* Agents Phone Number

For Renters:

* Landlord Name
* Landlord Phone Number

If you were forced to relocate, please add the following:

* Name of Town
* Name of State

The sooner I can gather this data, the faster I can get your claim turned around. Hang in there and God Bless you.

Thank you
Paul W Cameron
PWC Inspection Service
Rochester, MN
His site is a "real" inspection website, though it looks like it was designed with ClipArt from Microsoft. How do we find out if this guy is legit (well, confirm he's not) and to whom do we report him?


Ruth said...

I think he's legit -- if you google the phone number, he's clearly a working home inspector. As he says in the email, he's a FEMA contractor, not a direct employee of FEMA.

That said, it's odd that you received an email from him.

Paul W Cameron said...

I was just google-ing my business name and was directed to this site.
I am Paul Cameron. I was working in the New Orleans area as a contract disaster inspector for FEMA. My inspector number is 22624 and my employer was PaRR Inspections.
I've returned home to get back to the business of continueing my business.
When I was inspecting down south, the only way that I would recieve anyones email was because it was the email provided to me from FEMA. So an applicant would have had to provide the email address to FEMA.
If you look over the letter, you'll see that I am not asking for any "sensitive" information.
Work down there was very difficult, and FEMA did nothing to make it any easyier.
Applicants supplied FEMA the information early in the disaster and much of the information was useless. Many people were dispersed to other parts of the country. They got new cell phones, new addresses... None of that information was updated on the FEMA web site and we as inspectors were left to use what ever means availlable to get in contact with these folks.
1/3 of the applicants were not reachable. Although, many recieved my email and called and I was able to move thier claim forward.
Yes I'm lagit, but no, I'm not down there any longer.

I worked long and hard on that web site!

eefers said...

Hey Paul,

Thanks for commenting. The thing is, I live in Brooklyn, NY. How could I not be a little suspicious?

eefers said...

and i never gave FEMA my email address.