Friday, October 21, 2005

So I'm Not Voting for Mayor

This time last year, all I wanted was for everyone to vote. Everything I did revolved around electoral politics, because of course, like many of my peers, I just wanted W out of the White House. I preached that the only way this country can have a true representative of the people is if everyone votes. I overheard some neighbors on their fire escape talking about how they weren't registered to vote; I stuck my head out the window and said I'd be right up with a New York State voter registration card. I traveled to Pennsylvania, Georgia, Missouri and Ohio to register voters. In fact, I even created an alter ego, VoteGirl, to encourage young people to vote.

One year later, as another election day draws near, I can't bring myself to vote for either mayoral candidate for New York City. I don't hate Bloomberg, but I hate enough of the things he's done (mainly his ridiculous overdevelopment of the city) to not feel comfortable voting for him. And Freddy, well... let's just say I don't hate Bloomberg enough to even consider voting for Freddy. And I don't like Freddy enough to vote for him on his own merits. He's had one screw up after another and he hasn't said or done anything to make me believe this city will be any better under his administration than it is under a Bloomberg administration.

But don't give up on VoteGirl just yet. I'm still going to vote; I'm just going to abstain from voting for mayor. I don't quite know what or who I'm voting for, but between now and November 8, I'll check out this handy dandy voter guide, and you should, too.

And of course, I'll be at this rockin' election night party. One thing VoteGirl can't abstain from is an open bar.


Anonymous said...

Hey Emily,
I"m in the same boat as you. While I don't think that I'll be voting this time around for just about the same reasons as you, I can't resist a party. If my dance card isn't otherwise filled, I just might drop by and grab a free drink on Parks.


Daniel said...

I met Fast Freddy on the street in Brooklyn last week. I was going to blog about it but forgot.. I still might.

I don't think Bloomburger is so bad and you need a few years to really get your shit together so if I vote it will probably be for him.

eefers said...

My vote is too precious to be wasted on the lesser of two evils. And you can read all about that in my op-ed on Gothamist on Sunday.

Anonymous said...

If you need a reason to vote for Freddy, take a serious look at this:

And of course, there's a plethora of reasons to dislike Bloomberg: