Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Hark How the Bells...

Sweet silver bells/ all seem to say/ throw cares away/ Christmas is here/ bringing good cheer/ to young and old/ meek and the bold/ ding dong, ding dong/ that is their song/ with joyful ring/ all caroling/ one seems to hear/ words of good cheer/ from everywhere/ filling the air/ oh how they pound/ raising their sound/ o'er hill and dale/ telling their tale/ gaily they ring/ while people sing/ songs of good cheer/ Christmas is here.... I won't go on, but I bet I'm one of the only dorks who knows all the words to that one.

I've already begun to annoy my co-workers by singning carols in the office. Can't wait to decorate the ficus tree! Do you think if I go caroling in Brooklyn I'll get shot?

Monday, November 28, 2005

Searching for Revenue

As much as I heart Google, I may have to start using another search engine. GoodSearch lets you choose a charity or nonprofit organization that will receive advertising revenue every time you search. You simply visit GoodSearch's homepage, type in your charity or nonprofit's name, and start to search.

Might I suggest New Yorkers for Parks as your nonprofit of choice?

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Going to the Chapel of Love?

I just got offered $9,000 to marry a gay Colombian. No co-habitation, but the money would be paid in installments. I think I'd rather sell an egg and get it all in one shot.

Asking for Trouble

I cannot wait to get ticketed for drinking my coffee on the subway. Every morning, as I sip from my open container of hot liquid goodness, I long for an encounter with an over-eager police officer, waiting to ticket someone for something, anything. Am I drinking to no avail? According to the MTA's rules, sipping from an open container is not prohibited. Did I miss something? Was this prohibition revoked when I was busy holding a paper cup instead of a newspaper?

Monday, November 21, 2005

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

The holidays are officially here. I don't know this because lights are hung, or Christmas music is playing on the radio. I know this because I had a nightmare that I couldn't button my jeans. I'm not even the kind of girl who worries about my weight (if I did, I'd be worrying a lot), but this time of year, all I do is eat. On Saturday, I attended my first of three Thanksgiving dinners (thanks Miss Kris!). And with divorced parents, a half sister, a stepmother, and a brother-in-law, I'll probably have about seven Christmas dinners. It's a good thing I'm opting to move myself instead of hiring movers (I'm moving January 1) so I can work some of that food off, and hopefully not have to live my nightmare of not being able to button my jeans. I don't want to be the fat lady in sweatpants.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Last night the apartment across the hall was burglarized for the second time (that I know of, since I've lived there). This is the third time an apartment in my building has been burglarized (that I know of, since I've lived there).

The front door to my building never locks and hardly ever closes. The burglar (or burglars -- I'm guessing it's one person who keeps coming back for more laptops) goes in through the front door, heads up to the roof, down the back fire escape and in through the windows (that, of course, do not lock).

One would think that my landlord would have tried to fix the door after the first time. But I have a slumlord who does absolutely nothing to fix up, or even fix, the building.

Good thing I'm moving out January 1. Too bad it's not sooner. Should I report him once I get my deposit back? He's the kind of guy that would make my life a living hell if I actually reported him while I still lived there, even after the obligatory written requests for repairs. Has anyone had any experiences with this kind of landlord?

Yeah, so I'm moving out January 1. Anyone looking for a super-cute (albeit somewhat vulnerable to burglaries) 2-bedroom apartment in the South Slope?

Thursday, November 03, 2005

A Casserole in The Sun

For those of you who missed The First Annual Casserole Party a few weeks back, check out the coverage in the Food & Drink section of yesterday's New York Sun. How many of you have had my "prize winning" macaroni and corn casserole? What do you think?
Me with the casseroles. That's my mac 'n corn casserole in the round Pyrex under me.

The 2005 Casserole King and Queen, Doug Smiley and Amy Butterworth.

Photos courtesy Heidi Vogt.