Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Asking for Trouble

I cannot wait to get ticketed for drinking my coffee on the subway. Every morning, as I sip from my open container of hot liquid goodness, I long for an encounter with an over-eager police officer, waiting to ticket someone for something, anything. Am I drinking to no avail? According to the MTA's rules, sipping from an open container is not prohibited. Did I miss something? Was this prohibition revoked when I was busy holding a paper cup instead of a newspaper?


Daniel said...

I don't think it's a bad idea at all. I know you're not one of the slobs who spills their shit everywhere on the floor and makes my shoes stick to it Eefers, but there are plenty of others who do.

Or the subhuman citizens of our city who just leave their half drinken cans or cups or bottles on the ground when they exit the train, just waiting for someone to kick them over.

eefers said...

Maybe there should be rules of conduct ABOUT drinking coffee. Like, don't leave your half drunken (is that really the correct word to use?) can or cup on the ground. I'm all for ticketing people for that shit, but for drinking my morning coffee on my morning commute. No way. Bring on my ticket, I say. BRING. IT. ON.

TeddyFrank said...

I think the fine is seventy five bucks. I don't know why you're so eager to get a ticket. Why don't you just drink your morning coffee on your bike like a civilized human being.

Daniel said...

rules of conduct about drinking coffee eefers? you think they will post the rules and our coffee/soup/soda spillers and empty container leavers will say "Goodness my, according to this rule I can't leave my half empty bottle of Snapple on the ground anymore?"

and then Johnny Law has to stake out someone drinking their coffee to see if they remember to finish it and throw it in the trash?

pish posh!

I think it's just gross to drink or eat anything on the subway and the movement of the train isn't condusive to it anyway. That's why stuff gets spilled and dropped so much.