Monday, November 21, 2005

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

The holidays are officially here. I don't know this because lights are hung, or Christmas music is playing on the radio. I know this because I had a nightmare that I couldn't button my jeans. I'm not even the kind of girl who worries about my weight (if I did, I'd be worrying a lot), but this time of year, all I do is eat. On Saturday, I attended my first of three Thanksgiving dinners (thanks Miss Kris!). And with divorced parents, a half sister, a stepmother, and a brother-in-law, I'll probably have about seven Christmas dinners. It's a good thing I'm opting to move myself instead of hiring movers (I'm moving January 1) so I can work some of that food off, and hopefully not have to live my nightmare of not being able to button my jeans. I don't want to be the fat lady in sweatpants.


sarah said...

Are you going to Missouri at all this holiday season? I think we are planning a visit for the early part of December.

Tree Trunk Ho Slappa said...

I hate when your pants start to fit a little too snuggly. By that point you know that the pounds are just begining to be put on and there are five more where the first two came from. Oh god.