Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Cold Showers

Cold showers do not rock my world. Therefore, I do not take them. Especially in the winter. Therefore when there is no hot water...


Tree Trunk Ho Slappa said...

Humm... I have stopped showering everyday. I was just way too clean and my hair missed its essential oils. I think not showering is the way forward.

Anonymous said...

another reason not to pay rent.

I also do not shower enough.


eefers said...

I paid the rent. I just wanted to be done with it. For good. I have too much going on to worry about a battle with Joe Catalano, the landlord from hell. There, now it's out there in Cyberspace.

eefers said...

I took a tepid shower today. I had to. I can't go two days in a row w/o showering. I don't think my office mate or my boyfriend would enjoy that. Not that I sweat in this 19 degree weather, but I get a lil' greasy. Especially my hair.

I cannot wait to move. My own bathroom. My own bathroom. My OWN BATHROOM! And I bet it has hot water.

TeddyFrank said...

Hey Eefers,
I would call 311 and report his ass. Part of New York landlord law is that you have to provide hot water. Tell them that there's no heat either. I can't believe that you paid the rent. Next time, call the city, get a work number for your claim with the housing board then send a certified letter to your landlord saying that you are withholding rent until X is done and include the number for your claim. Keep the rent money in escrow or in a savings account and be ready to pay it once the work is done. Once the city has been notified, there isn't much that he can do but fix it. I'm sure he's got enough brass balls to think of this as a personal attack and that you're being unreasonable, but I'm sure that Ike still thinks that Tina was overreacting.

I was living in a place that had flooded all over the kitchen and the guy who "fixed" it just stopped the water and made the sink not work. We called the city, wrote the landlord and waited. I ended up leaving and gave my subletter two weeks of free rent because of the situation and told him that he wouldn't have to pay rent for a while because of the dispute. They ended up caving in and fixing everything and the back rent was paid. Another friend of mine did the same thing because of a huge hole in the floor and the landlords didn't have the money to fix it. The ended up living there for 6 months rent-free and then left when the lease was up.

Just remember, there are more tenants who are registered voters than there are landlords. The law skews in your favor.