Saturday, December 31, 2005

New Year, New Apartment, New Bike

So I moved yesterday. And thanks to the help of my wonderful friends, it was quick and easy. And quickly and easily followed by beer and pizza. I still have yet to unpack, but I'll get to it eventually, however it will be neither quick nor easy.

In other news, CHRIS GOT ME A NEW BIKE FOR CHRISTMAS! It's a fixed gear (exactly what I've been wanting for ages) and perfect! He surprised me with it right after I moved into the new place. He brought it out from behind the Uhaul while all of my friends were standing around. Frank (who "built" the bike) has coverage and pictures on his blog.

Chris with my bike! Picture stolen from Pig's Flickr.


Tree Trunk Ho Slappa said...

How did I know that you were going to break the blogging fast with this bike info? I'm fucking psychic

TeddyFrank said...

Hey Em,
I gotta say, you did your inagural ride from the U-Haul place like a freaking champ. Please please please get a better front brake. Sorry I couldn't do any better. Happy trails; your new place is quite nice. Just give me a call when you're ready for me to put up a wall to make a near-soundproof love chamber.

eefers said...

Got the brake fixed. $11.00. Good as new.

As soon as I'm unpacked (ugh, it's taking forever, I have too much shit) I'll be ready to start conceptualizing my soundproof love chamber.

elana said...

What do you like about the fixed gear. I swear some people have a "thing" for fixed gears and I'm too clueless to know the reasons for it.

eefers said...

the ease. the control. i rode that thing in the snow and didn't slide at all. my legs are in control of everything. and i love it!