Tuesday, December 20, 2005


It's like I work from home again. My boss calling me on my cell phone. My laptop on my lap, in bed. I'm lucky though; my employers told me not to even try to go in if there's a strike. So for me, this is fun. But I enjoy chaos. The blackout was fantastic. I do feel bad for those whose employers aren't so forgiving, however.

I think I'll see a movie today. Gay cowboys anyone?


Daniel said...

there's nothing I love more than gay cowboys (seriously).

Yeah my work is not so forgiving.. us city employees had to come or use vacation time..argggghhh. I hitched a ride over the Brooklyn Bridge though so that was kinda fun. I'll blog about it today.

Jen S. said...

Oh my gosh. How is New York handling all this?

I guess you're lucky that your boss lets you work from home. Sorry about your work, Daniel.

BTW, I've been looking forward to the gay (hot) cowboy movie too. Let me know how it was.

TeddyFrank said...

Hey Em,
I'm glad that you mentioned the blackout cause lemme tell you, this is more like the blackout than 9-11. Ya hear that everyone, this is NOT JUST LIKE 9-11. I don't wanna hear another peep about that. All right? Cool.