Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Would You Pay?

I'm moving at the end of the month, and I have yet to pay my November rent. My deposit will cover my December rent, and I'm debating whether or not to make up November.

The reason I haven't paid my November rent is because I don't even have an address for my landlord. He comes into our apartment to get the rent. He's come in twice while I've been in the shower, and I generally write him a check when he knocks on the door. This is after we asked him to give us 24 hours notice before entering our apartment. I won't leave a check lying around for him because three apartments in the building have been robbed since I moved in two years ago. You see, the front door to the building doesn't lock, another thing I've asked him to fix numerous times. In addition, I only have about one hot shower a week, the heat is not sufficient at times and our bathroom light has been broken for over a month...the light bulb that's hanging from the ceiling with exposed wires, that is.

I could make a laundry list of all of the repairs I've had to make on my own, or all the times I've fallen down the decaying stairs. Maybe I should. Maybe I should do it in a letter to him instead of paying the last month's rent that I owe him.

When I called to give him my 30-day's notice he yelled at me for fifteen minutes. He said I had an obligation to move out the same month I moved in. However, I asked him for a lease multiple times and never received one.

What would you do? Would you pay the rent?


PiggyReese said...

no not at all, no matter what. it sounds like he was not doing his job, so save some money.

Tree Trunk Ho Slappa said...

Nope. but I am a bad example to follow.

eefers said...

I think, to save money, and be very annoying back, I'll tell him I won't pay it until I leave, because I don't trust him. Then leave him 8 different checks, postdated by month ($100/mo for 7 months and $75 for the last month). He's still getting PAID but then I'll be saving money in this SUPER-TIGHT time (if I pay it now I can't buy ANYONE a Christmas Present)and be as much of a pain to him as he is to us. What do you think about THAT?

Brian said...

Not only should you *not* pay, but your "landlord" should be reported to the NYC Housing Authority. NYC's Housing Maintenance Code REQUIRES that heat and hot water be provided to you between October and June:


"If a building owner fails to provide heat and hot water during the winter or has a serious history of flagrantly disregarding obligations to provide service to tenants, HPD’s Housing Litigation Division (HLD) may sue the building owner in Housing Court."

In addition to being a jerk, your landlord is flagrantly violating the law.

Good luck!

James said...

Don't pay. Just document everything he you say is wrong and if he says anything about you not paying tell him you would be happy to go to housing court to settle it.

Housing court hates slumlords like that guy.

antlered girl said...

threaten with housing court.

TeddyFrank said...

Hey there Eefers,
I would call 311, tell them that the heat doesn't work, and the laundry list of other things. The heat not working is a biggie though, and if you convince your neighbors to do the same all the better. I say don't pay the little shit, he owes you plenty, you don't owe him a damned thing.

Anonymous said...

I know you've moved now, because i just came across your blog and am reading my way down. However, please tell me you didn't pay this as*wipe. He doesn't deserve your money. BTW Thanks for making me love Chicago all the more!