Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Your Daily Dose of Holiday Cheer: Ham

I generally skimp on the food for my parties. In part because nice food is expensive for a cheap house party, and in part because the parties are late and people usually eat dinner before hand. Chips, hummus and M&M's are sufficient provisions at 11 or 12. But this year, for the Third Annual Holiday Hoopla, Chris brought a 5-pound ham. We thought we'd have some leftover for sandwiches the next day, but all we had was a hambone.

I miss that ham. It was a good ham, a happy ham, a tasty ham. Ham, may you rest in peace...IN MY BELLY!

Photo courtesy BrianVan.


Chris said...

The beauty of Christmastime is that there are always more hams to be had. The next one I'm making from scratch. (Apart from raising the pig.)

eefers said...

Can't wait! I'll drink, um, bring, the wine.