Wednesday, January 04, 2006

It's the Cheesiest

And I ain't talkin' bout Velveeta. The New York Times has an article today about Macaroni and Cheese. The real stuff. Like I make. "The moral of the story" says the author, "when in doubt, add more cheese." She needed a cookbook to tell her this. Um, I know the Times thinks they're ahead of the times and all, but, uh, DUH. My last macaroni casserole (baked, with corn, of course) had five or six cheeses. But I guess we can't all be so culinarily blessed.


eefers said...

and yes, i know "culinarily" is not a word.

Daniel said...

those no knowning mac and cheese ignoramuses!

wow you haven't updated since last wednesday, i guess we are both behind