Friday, May 12, 2006

Kinkos SUCKS!

Why so hostile you ask? Because I'm still at work at 8:21 on a Friday waiting for Kinkos to deliver something that was supposed to be done at 4. I went to Kinkos at 4 to pick it up; they told me it wasn't done and that they'd deliver it by 5. When I returned to my desk I had a voicemail letting me know that the file was corrupt. What?!?! They hadn't even opened my file until after I was scheduled to pick it up?!?! (I had dropped it off w/ a 24-hour guarantee 24-hours prior). This comes a day after I got a $1,500 bill for a job that they quoted at around $200.

Apparently I'm not alone. See what happens when you Google Kinkos sucks.

Any of you ever had these kinds of problems with Kinkos? I'm done with them, I say, done with them!


Samantha said...

Oh my god I HATE them! I have been in a trench war with these guys for about a month now.
ok so I HAVE to get a job done by monday morning. I send it to the Scarsdale kinkos at 11am friday. They call at 7pm and say they wont be able to do it, I should go to the White Plains kinkos. um ok. at 10 pm they call me and say my files are corrupted. well the files are fine but i can think of something that’s full of shit. anyway they call around and assure me no other kinkos on the planet can do this job. At 1am I call a kinkos at 80 something and Lex. "oh yeah of course we can do it" "really? would you mind running off a copy while i sit on the phone. sorry i'm just paranoid." "Heh heh, yeah ok sure...seeee everything's a ok" "phew"
I call like three times throughout the weekend just to y'know flex my paranoia, every time i get a "no problemo, everything’s cool"
7am monday "um did you have a job for pick up about now" "uh yeah that’s why i'm here" " oh well we cant do it" "what do you mean you can't do it? didn't you do it like two days ago" "oh no, i was supposed to do it last night but none of the printers are working"
I will repeat that because I think it bears repeating. "NONE OF THE PRINTERS (in a print shop) ARE WORKING"
After 4 hours, 2 more nyc kinkos, and a few busted arteries i get an incomplete but workable version of what i ordered. I think the worst is behind me. I think i am free of this satanic beast which lurks in glossy finish 20lb paper. but no. I check my bank statement a week or two ago and lo and behold kinkos has made a couple of random withdrawals. a major corporation is picking my pocket! AAAARRRGGHH
Listen, we're all organizers around here and I cannot think of a more worthy cause. George Bush and Exxon Mobil be damned, Kinkos I'm coming for you!

Roonie said...

Aside from Kinko's, what are our other options?

Samantha said...

I'm gonna have to go for the mom and pop copy shops from now on I think. One assumes that since kinko’s is such a huge evil corporation they have to be cheaper a la Wal-Mart. this is folly. My co-worker went to get two labels printed and laminated, tiny two inch by three inch black and white craptastic labels and it ended up costing like 7 bucks. They charge 50 cents per cut, yes 50 cents per wavy raggedy edged cut. grrr
update: kinko's still wont give me my money back so I am open to suggestions as to how I can better intimidate/harass them.