Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Drink Liberally on Flag Day

It's Flag Day. And what better way to spend it than Drinking Liberally with your fellow Brooklynites at a bar called Commonwealth? (For those of you who don't know, Drinking Liberally is a drinking club committed to promoting democracy one pint at a time.)

So, in the spirit of Flag Day, which just happens to fall on the date of the June gathering of Park Slope Drinking Liberally, here's what I propose: we get together tonight, get really drunk (on beer, on soda, on life, on conversation, on enchiladas from the fantastic Mexican place next door) and take patriotism back from those assholes--and no, I don't mean a particular political party, I mean a specific culture of flag-waving assholes, and you know exactly who I'm talking about. For an added bonus, I'll buy a beer for whoever shows up dressed like an American flag (at least until I run out of money).

Park Slope Drinking Liberally
at Commonwealth, 5th Avenue at 12th Street
TONIGHT, 7:30 onward
Take the R or the F to 4th Ave/9th Street

Hosted by the most flag waving of them all:
Though probably not in that ridiculous outfit.

Park Slope Drinking Liberally: Endorsed by the Politicker. (well, not officially, but still)

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