Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I Think We Should See Other People: eefers to Coffee Cart Man

I did it. I told Coffee Cart Man we should see other people. Only because I can't lie. Here's how it all went down: I arrived there this morning (when I come from my own apartment, as opposed to my boyfriend's, it's easier to go to Coffee Cart Man than to Mule) and he asked if I'd been on vacation. I can't lie. So I said that I tried a new place on 4th Avenue. He asked which one. I told him. He told me he'd tried it before but didn't like their coffee. I told him I did like it. He seemed a little offended. I told him I didn't like it better, but that it was just different. He still seemed a little hurt. So I told him that when I come from my house I'll go to him but when I stay at my boyfriend's I'll go to Mule. It seemed like amenable break-up to me.


coffeeman said...


themikestand said...

That's so sad.

I wonder: will coffee man try to break up your relationship to secure his market share?

Best be on your guard.