Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Would you believe me if I said this was taken at the prom last night?

OK, it was at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden Gala, but check out my corsage!

Coverage in the NY Sun [Subscription]
In a nod to the star attraction, one romantic young fellow, Christopher Varmus, gave his lady friend (and a former New York Sun intern), Emily Farris, a corsage of pink roses.


The Boyfriend said...

Notice the cast-iron heart at the center of the wrist corsage, woven into the design by the talented Caribbean ladies at La Petite Fleur. The heart was made specifically for Emily (at the Herb Fair held at the Shaker Museum in upstate NY several weekends ago) by a blacksmith named Bob. Incorporating it into the corsage was MY idea--hot damn, I'm good!

Tree Trunk Ho Slappa said...

oh, a boyfriend that pays attention - that's something new.

Anonymous said...

You? An intern at the New York Sun? Holy moley!!!! I'm shocked. But you look lovely. Great dress!