Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Vote For Me! Vote For Me!

eefers recently entered her first-ever design contest. And she's a finalist! See the designs, or skip all that and go vote for me!

Layout 1


Mark said...

you are such a sneak.

eefers said...

you don't think everyone else isn't self promoting?

Daniel said...


you got my vote eeeefs

I like yours.. its like trainspotting but sans the heroin

i liked eddie wangers too but yours is my favvvvvorite

poor girl with the last one though..its not that bad and getting like so little votes :(

goooo eeefers!

sarah said...

Being born and raised in Missouri I liked the one that looks like the John Deere Logo. So I voted for that one. Sorry Em..... LOL Just play'n! I was #161 to vote for your design. Good Luck!