Monday, October 02, 2006

My Daily Grind-o-Scope

I've never been one to trust a horoscope, but seeing as I'm having One of Those Days at work, I've decided to see what would happen if I applied it to my 9-5:
Your sensible approach to life may be tested as life gets more complex. (Read: work is boring, I should leave). Spacey Neptune is making it difficult for you to keep your feet planted firmly on the ground (Read: go get a pedicure). The situation will probably get even stickier as others misjudge the practicality of your ideas (Read: my boss won't like it when I leave during business hours for a pedicure). Keep your communication as clear and precise as possible to minimize the chaos and confusion (Read: tell them I'm going to Staples).
If I actually grow the balls to do this, I'll let you know how it goes. If my boss is reading this, I'm not really doing it. (Yes, I am). No, I'm really not. (Yeah, I totally am.)

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