Thursday, October 26, 2006

Papers No One Reads Causing Increased Subway Flooding

An MTA inquiry found that free papers like Metro and amNY -- that are shoved in your face as you're trying to balance your coffee and Metrocard while you're running late to work -- are clogging drains and leading to increased subway flooding. Let this be a lesson to Metro (and especially amNY, that paper is terrible) that if so many people are throwing your papers into the tracks, it might be time to take a new marketing route. I heard kids these days really dig the Internets.

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crazydancingboy said...

I highly disagree about the AMNY. They have some odd stuff in there sometimes. Also, I like their entertainment section. They profile some pretty cool bands and the movie reviews are great- if I recall correctly this is a quote, "Fever Pitch- a number one contender for an Academy Award". Nice!

Personally I like to wipe my ass with it too.