Tuesday, October 17, 2006

With This Phone, I Thee Wed

I've had more cell phones than boyfriends, apartments, probably even freelance gigs--and I spent years as a freelancer. I'm constantly replacing my phone for one reason or another (broken flip, busted face plate). But one thing has remained constant: my service provider. That's because my phone usually busts mid contract, and to buy a new phone from Sprint and attach it to my number, I have to sign a new two-year service agreement. So, let's do some simple math:
Sprint's phones are built to last 9 to 12 months
+ Every time I need a new phone I'm required to sign a two-year service agreement
I'm pretty much married to Sprint for the rest of my life
Now, the sneaky kids over at WikiHow have tempted me with the possibility of getting out. Some of their suggestions include getting a known problematic phone, constantly complain that the service isn't up to par, and the best, join the army.

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Anonymous said...

I have done the same thing. I was telling that story the other day and was told that you should not have to sign the contract if you dont want to. But, they dont tell you that. I think you can refuse to sign it. But i dont think you ever should because i have sprint to , so we talk free.Jo.