Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Taking Dating to a Whole New Level of Lazy

How desperate does one have to be, really, to get someone else to manage his online personal? From the Craigslist writing/editing jobs:
I need help writing my profile and writing responses to other people's ads using the online personals. Pay is $50 for the profile and $2 per response for writing to other people. If you're in my age range (18 to 30) and really social then please get back to me with why you think you're a good fit. You can work from home or from my office. I don't care but I want to get work on this project done immediately.
How lazy does one have to be to not only not want to get off his ass to meet women, but then to not even have the wherewithall to write his own personal ad and reply to the ads of people he finds interesting? How would that even work? I'd get a really witty email from this guy on Nerve then meet him and find out he's lazy, monotone and has the personality of a stapler?

Now, I know it does not indicate that this is a dude, but it has lazy, anti-social guy written all over it.

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