Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Homophobia's New York Home

As much as I love their Signature Salad, Cosi (the coffee shop/sandwich chain with so-so coffee) has done gone and pissed me off (allegedly). From an email alert someone forwarded me this morning:
"Last night, I went to the opening of an exhibit at a Cosi restaurant here in New Rochelle, sponsored by the Empire State Pride Agenda. The exhibit features about 35 pictures of same sex couples, framed in rainbow colors, each with a few words about why marriage equality is important. It's a very simple, and very powerful, exhibition, and felt very personal for me, seeing the movement that I've helped to build come to my hometown for the first time.

And now, a day later, we need to come together to fight ignorance: Cosi corporate has announced that they will be TAKING THE EXHIBIT DOWN THIS MORNING (Wed 2/28) at 11:00 AM, in response to numerous complaints and threats the corporation has received from anti-gay people. We need to let Cosi know that the symbolism of their cowardice will not be lost on anyone, and that, if they follow through with this repudiation of their own gesture of openness, they're going to lose a hell of a lot of business from fair-minded people here in New York and all their markets across the country."
If any of this pisses you off you can leave a comment on Cosi's corporate website, or better yet, call the New Rochelle store to voice your displeasure at 914-637-8300.

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