Sunday, April 29, 2007

Seriously, Officer?

Tonight, while riding west on Bedford Avenue (with traffic, towards Williamsburg), as I was about to cross Willoughby--at a green light, mind you--I was nearly hit by a cop car. The headlights were turned off and the officer driving was very obviously and consciously running a red light.

Now, not only was I being a good biker and wearing a helmet and a flashing red light, I was obeying traffic laws. Yet I was still almost run down by a cop car. That's bad, right? Right. But it gets worse.

I, of course, gave the "what the hell?!" arm signal to the cops (basically just throwing my left arm up in the air). And instead of waving me on apologetically or even driving off to avoid me taking down the car number, the officer in the passenger seat hurled a paper cup out the window at me. No, s/he didn't casually toss it. S/he fucking hurled it. Just as obviously as the officer driving ran the red light, the officer in the passenger seat hurled a fucking cup at me. Hurled! Yeah...I know.

Unfortunately, after that, the car sped off and I wasn't able to get the number down. And while I believe the last two of the four digits were 77, I can't be certain. This means I can't do much about it. But I can put it out there in the blogosphere in hopes that things like this will get back to the NYPD. And yeah, I'll report it to the CCRB, but without a car number, there's not much they can do. Most likely, it will end up on the long list of unreported cop on cyclist aggression. Assholes.


evan said...

CCRB can do fairly well with limited info - the time of occurrence, type of car, the number of officers inside, and whether they were wearing uniforms, goes a long way. if you were able to see if one was a woman, that helps too, because it narrows it down.

CCRB will obtain the roll call for the geographic area you were in. From that, they can tell who was in what car. I doubt there were many marked cars with "77" in the vehicle number out in that sector that night.

Also, print your blog entry. It constitutes your earliest statement about the event, and you can refer to it when you are interviewed by CCRB.

Anonymous said...

The cops in my Brooklyn neighborhood virtually never stop for a stop light. And this is when they're just cruising around without their red lights on. If another car is stopped for a red light in front of them, they just maneuver around that car to go through the stop light.

F@ck'g cops.

chris said...

i almost got hit by a cop going the wrong way up meserole ave in greenpoint. he was going back to the station which is right there. i didn't even realize it was a cop, so naturally i yelled some foul language. he slowed down, and laughed at me.

exactly one week later, a different cop almost hit me going the wrong way up meserole ave. at least he didn't laugh.

i guess it is a lot of work to go around the block.

Mollie said...

I must keep missing the recruitment posters where they advertise this as a perk of the job: "Blanket immunity from pesky traffic laws!" Because I'm always jumping out of the crosswalk to avoid being hit by (not-in-a-hurry) police cars rolling through stoplights, making illegal turns, not signaling their legal turns, etc. I wish they'd just leave their lights on all the time, so I'd at least know to expect bad/unpredictable driving. Your experience is a new low, though. I'd be angry for weeks.