Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Checking In

I can't believe my trip is almost half over. Where did I leave off? Drunk and lost in London? Yeah, that was fun, but I have to say Amsterdam is probably my new favorite city (aside from New York).

But first, getting here was a trip (pun intended). My plan was to take the Underground to the airport. When I arrived at the stop, however, the Underground was closed (they're doing repairs/expansions for the 2012 Olympics). Desperate to not miss my flight, and standing in the rain with what felt like a 50 pound backpack, I asked the nearest locals--tour bus drivers--for advice. They offered to take me to the Heathrow Express train for 2 pounds; I hopped on.

Tour busses are slow; they make many stops and wet, dumbfounded tourists stand in the step well deciding whether or not to get on. But finally, I made it to the train station and waited in line to get my ticket. Apparently, though, that was like waiting in the Metrocard line for a LIRR ticket. After fifteen wasted minutes, I found the real train station, got an express ticket and was happy to be on my way. But of course, there was track work on the Express. Needless to say, I made my flight to Amsterdam. Barely.

I spent two nights in Amsterdam, and other than being followed around by multiple dorky American college boys, I had a great time and far too much food. I'm now in a small town on the coast of Holland and just visited what I imagine is the Dutch version of Target. There I found the most beautifully packaged tampons I've ever seen; they'll probably end up displayed in my apartment somewhere, and I'll post pictures when I'm home.

After two nights here, I head back to Amsterdam for another four. Then one more night in London, then home.

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