Wednesday, May 23, 2007

First Thoughts on London

I arrived in London this morning. But before I left JFK, I exchanged my money and almost cried. You know what 1,000 U.S. dollars get you? 100 pounds and 500 euros -- that's what, rather, that's all. Little ole' eefers didn't realize you have to pay to exchange your money. It's not like getting 8 quarters from the guy at the bodega for the bus. No, they sell you money by hiking up the exchange rate and then charging a commission. I did, however, turn on the charm (read: pathetic poor girl act) to have the commission waved.

So, I'm on a 20 pounds/day budget in London (luckily I'm staying with a family I used to sit for in the city and their fridge is stocked) and will be on a 40 euros/day budget in Amsterdam (after I pay for my hostels which include a free continental breakfast).

Being on said budget, I stopped into McDonald's for a 1.99 Big Mac. And you know what? The people who work at McDonald's are not unattractive. And the female employees wear skirts and nylons and little black ballet flats. They're friendly, and helpful and my Big Mac was hot, if not so fresh.

Now, if I can just avoid getting run down by a car before I have a chance to spend my fortune....

P.S. The tube costs about 6 pounds! Good thing I bought some Birkenstocks.

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